Our Mission

The United Nations Association of the United States of America is dedicated to strengthening the United Nations system and the role of the United States in that system, and to promoting multilateral efforts to advance the goals of the United Nations Charter. The purpose of the Association as expressed in its national charter is to study and promote the fundamental basis of peace with justice and the machinery necessary for its development. The Association shall carry on educational and informational activities so that the people of the United States of America and their government may participate to the greatest extent practicable in the United Nations and other official international and regional organizations functioning in various fields of international cooperation and international law.

The Association, in order to implement its overall purpose conducts programs of research, study, and information to (a) heighten U.S. public awareness and increase public knowledge of global issues and their relation to the United Nations system; (b) encourage, where appropriate, multilateral approaches in dealing with those issues; (c) build public support for constructive U.S. policies on matters of global concern; and (d) enhance the effectiveness of the United Nations and other international institutions.

Our Chapter is in Southern Illinois, 100 miles southeast of St.Louis, in Carbondale (pop. 26,50o), home of Southern Illinois University which is the economic engine and the hope of the region. The purpose of this Chapter is to encourage and stimulate active interest in the United Nations in the area represented by its membership. Because of its proximity to SIU, our Chapter is academically oriented. We welcome the entire community to participate in our programs serving the cause of greater educational worldwide understanding, where we are informed by experts about the global issues and have an opportunity to share views. We are deeply interested in international justice, international affairs and UN issues, the rule of law, ratification of international treaties, environmental law, civil society participation in international decision-making, and human rights.